Quality without compromises

Our open staircase ranges represent the ideal marriage between classic handicraft production, in which we boast a thirty-years experience, and the most advanced production technology. They express the ideal relation existing between style, functionality and safety. Our planning is actually carried out by keeping in mind the most stringent European rules on safety and in accordance with Law n. 13 (09/01/89) on architectural barriers.

Expression of elegance and sobriety

The high level of finishing, simplicity of forms, balance of volumes and functionality  studied for each model make every staircase a unique interior design complement,
so that it has the perfect placement in every environment.

Simplicity of forms

The finishing of materials, elegant warmth of wood, extraordinary elasticity of the system allow us to carry out plans of remarkable aesthetic value, which perfectly match with every interior design solution, both classic or modern,by using or enhancing to the best the available space.

Customised banisters: a winning approach

While following rigorous projects of modelling and paying great attention to details, we are able to provide a wide range of forms, which perfectly match with different staircase structures.

Attention to details and balance of volumes

Space has never been a constraint for our staircases; for this reason, we are able to provide a wide range of forms, which perfectly match with every environment, while paying great attention to details and balance of volumes.
Spiral Staircases
Modular Systems
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